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The best and hottest BDSM Clips out there!

These three young girls are really hot and sexy. But they are also sadistic and always want to find out new ways to humiliate her slaves. This time they decided to spit into the mouth of the slave! He has to lay down on the ground and open his mouth. One after another spit into his open mouth. Then one of the girls covers his face with her foot so he has to swallow everything!

This is a really extreme and brutal clip! This old and fat slave has to take a lot of pain! One on the sis seems to be more than enough for the most slaves! But this silly bastard tries to stand them for a long time! They kick his balls with a lot of power! They walk on his head, his fat stomach and also jump on him. Don't try to do it at home...! ;-)

This is really a monster! This huge thing is more than anyone can take! 40x10! Just trying to insert such a huge dick should be really painful! But I like to try it out... especially when my slave is the poor victim! :D He has to knee down and face me with his ass. And then I try to put it into his little asshole... and it seems to fit! What a pervert bastard! It seems he trained a lot before...! He nearly takes the whole thing...!

Audrey is a hot and bratty chick! After a long and hard day of work there is only one thing she wants to do: relaxing! But she also loves to combine it with a little bit smothering and humiliation of the slave! He has to lay on the couch and she sits down on him. With her smelly feet she covers his face. They are very sweaty! But she makes him putting the wet socks into his mouth! And the punishment isn't over yet...!

Sergeant Emily is a very cruel mistress. She has sharp senses and always wants to improve her combat abilities even further. So it is a good thing to train with her soldiers. This time soldier Alexandra has to be her training object. She uses some karate kicks while soldier Alexandra stands in front of the wall. But sergeant Emily further increases her pain and chokes her throat. While her bare feet press all the breath out of her lungs Emily has a lot of fun training with her...!

This is my slave Norbert. He has a tiny dick and is a big loser! I fixed him in my basement. His hands are bond and he has no chance to escape. And especially his balls have no chance! I like to bring this fat and ugly dumbass a lot of pain! I want to find out how much he can stand! First I play a little bit with him - and punch his balls! But I believe there is a way to inflict even more pain... so i kick them with my knees very hard! :D

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