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When Judy comes home, she expects her slave to respect her wishes. After repeatedly asking her slave not to breathe too loudly, she teaches him that she has the power to take his breath too. She lays him on the ottoman with his hands bound with rope. She sits on his chest and covers his mouth. She doesn't want him to breathe at all until she says that he can.

When they decide to play, they find their slave's cock and balls are the best toys they can play with. They strip him down to his tee shirt and socks and start kicking him in the cock and balls. They love how he squeals and how his dick bounces when they kick. When they get done kicking him, they start to step on his cock and balls. They don't take their shoes off, they want it to hurt.

When Kourtney gets a new pair of stilettos, she has to try them on. She loves the way they look in the box and when she puts them on with her leather jumpsuit, she looks delicious. She tells her slave to lay down and she steps on him. She knows that he will hurt because the heels are pointy but she loves stepping on him. She moves and pushes her full weight down on him.

When Lady Milena comes home from a night of dancing, she expects her slave to be waiting for her. She collapses on the sofa and calls her slave to her. She tells him to lick the soles of her boots clean. She doesn't like the idea of putting dirty boots in her closet. She watches as her slave licks and sucks the grime and dirt off her boots as she told him to.

When she goes to the bathroom, she knows she will have to fart. She is happy to call her slave into the bathroom and start to fart. She expects her slave to stand with their face in her ass, smelling as she farts. She wants them to leave the bathroom with a fresh batch of her odor deep in their body. When she knows that she has to shit, she makes them stay in the bathroom to smell her funk too.

When Michelle gets home, she wants to have a nice, relaxing evening. She starts by taking her shoes off and sitting down. When her socks are visible, her slave comes to her. She puts her feet in his face, over his mouth so that he can warm her chilled soles. He knows that she will whip him if he doesn't do it like she likes it so he is happy to lick at her feet through her socks.

I saw that you are a naughty boy from the first day I met you! You are soo keen on me! But you know that it is a bad taboo! So why do you still watch me with this expression in your face...? You pervert! But ok, you know that I'm the best stepsis out there... and that I already started playing with you! So I want you to take off all your clothes and start to stroke your little dick, ok, bro? Yes, that's ok... so in exchange I'm going to show you my girls! Do you believe me...? Come and find out!

Together with Miss Lori I was shopping in the city. We have found some really hot and sexy things and of course we bought them instantly because we know that there will always be a pathetic loser willing to give us some more cash so we can spend even more money...! :D But for now we want to go home and rest a little bit. The streets were very dirty and so our shoes became dirty too. But this is no problem: We already ordered the stupid slave to wait for us on the ground so we can use him as our human doormat after arrival! And there he was lying, ready to be used...!

Nicole and Dominique are two sexy girls! It is the first time that they work together to dominate a slave. But you can see that they really soon get fit to it! The slave is really tight bound and cannot move anymore! The only thing he can move a little bit is his head. And of course he needs his head to lick the boots of the two ladies! He better do a good job...!

My slave is such a stupid idiot! He know what I'm going to do if I'm upset: punish him! :D So I don't understand why this loser really dares to come too late! But I will show him soon enough that I don't like it and that it will happen never again! I tie up his hands and use a whip to torture his body. I also use my hard boots to kick his ugly balls! He screams like a baby - I was really glad that I had some ear protection...! :D

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