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The best and hottest BDSM Clips out there!

Giselle and Jenna like nothing better than degrading a slave. They went home with this loser from the club and made him lick their feet all through the night

Lai was mad when she got home. She was seething with rage and she took advantage of a small mistake by her slave to take out her stress on him

Whenever Bianca is mad, the only thing that can lift her up is humiliating her slave, which she enjoys doing

Eerika and Victoria learnt about domination on the internet and were fascinated by it. They got themselves a slave and had fun humiliating him

This guy cheated on their friend and these mistresses wanted to teach the guy a lesson. They farted on him and made him lick their sweaty and stinking feet

When this guy messed with this lady, he did not know she would turn on him like that and bust his balls and humiliate him like that

Calina wanted to join Teodora and Toss's group. But they first had to initiate her. And they did by making her smell their dirty feet

Natasha is not like other mistresses. She does not like male slaves. She prefers female ones. She made her slave lick her dirty boots before she wore them

Kim is a gorgeous mistress who loves to use her looks to humiliate losers and slaves. This time she wanted them to smell her stinky ass

Valentine and Victoria wanted to show this slave who was boss. They made him lick their dirty, sweaty and stinky stockings

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