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This mistress was on a mission to get this guy. She wanted to date him and be as popular as he was in school. What worked for her was the fact that she was hot and she was mysterious. He had noticed her and she took that chance to bait him. She then showed off her hot ass and he loved seeing it and he wanted more of it. That is how she knew he was hooked.

This guy wanted to fuck this mistress but she was not going to allow it. It got to a point she needed some money and he was her only hope. She tried to talk to him about it and he agreed on condition that she fuck him. She told him she would not fuck him but would make him cum. He agreed. So she facesat him and as she rubbed her pussy on his face, she gave him a handjob and he had a great orgasm.

This guy was infatuated with mistress Viola and mistress Valerie. When they realized that, they knew that they had found someone to dominate and have fun with. They had a great time dominating as well as humiliating him and it was a lot of fun for them. The mistresses made him lick their feet and do other humiliating things for their enjoyment. He never went near them again after that.

Mistress Khali wanted to dominate this employee in a cruel and crazy way and she did it with her stinky feet. He was used to taking shortcuts and the mistress did not like any of it and was not going to allow it. That is why she opted to teach him a lesson he would never forget. As he licked her feet and as he smelled her stinky sneakers, he agreed to change.

Madam Mysteria tied this loser with clingfilm to immobilize him and then trample him as well as facesit him. She wanted to do anything she wanted to him without him having to respond or react. And as she did it, she told him she would only stop if he gave her a confession and he told her how he did what he had done. He had no choice but to confess and come clean because the pain and humiliation were too much.

When mistress Harley realized that this guy had lost interest in her, she was furious and she had to punish him. She had to make sure that the poor guy learned never to take girls for a ride and so she went and bought big dildos which she used to make fun of his small dick and she told him she would satisfy herself with them because he did not even satisfy her.

When this guy behaved like an asshole, the mistress had to treat him like one. That is why she chose to use her asshole to deal with him. The mistress used an improvised toilet to give him access to her asshole and he had no choice but to do what she wanted. It was degrading but the guy did not have a choice but to do what he had been ordered.

When it comes to dominating losers, mistress Dula and her friend are good at it. They do not go out looking for people to dominate. Instead, it is the people who piss them who are humiliated and dominated. That is what happened today as the mistresses chose to turn the guy into a sole licker. He had to lick muddy boots and especially the soles. It was not negotiable for him.

Goddess Madison wanted this slave to learn a lesson and that is why she chose to use her farts as punishment. She did not want the slave to think that she could do whatever she wanted, ignore her instructions and think that she could get away with it. That is why the mistress had to dominate him and cruelly punish him. The mistress made sure that she had him choke on her farts.

Lady Cary wanted to humiliate this guy and so she used her sexy body to do it. She also used her sexy charm and in no time, the guy was forced to do what she wanted. That is how he ended up pissing her off and being on the chopping board. He thought she was into her and he let down his guard. She then teased and denied him in a humiliating manner complete with a video recording.

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