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When Miss Deeane decides to punish her slave, she shackles him to the ceiling. She doesn't want him to move. She is happy to allow him to watch her and beg. Once she has him shackled, she strips off her pants and shows him her thong split ass. She knows that he wants to bury his face in her ass but she won't let him. She keeps him tied and horny for hours before she thinks about releasing him.

Lady B is tired of her whining slave. She pulls the car over and puts him out of the car. Before she starts to punish him, she tells him to grow a pair of balls or she would kick the ones that has shrunken into his throat. She started to kick him in the balls and teach him what she mean. She put her high heel in his ass and destroyed his pride.

Miss Annalieza loves to have a well rounded slave. She knows that her slave hasn't had his ass played with so she straps him up and puts him on the bed. She grabs her ipod and puts some music on. She is happy to grab her vibrator and play with his ass. She wanted him to know the pleasure she knows when she puts the vibrator to her throbbing pussy.

Mistress Marie knows that her slave has been bad. She calls him to her after she puts on her high heel boots and tells him to pull his cock and balls from his jeans. She toes his balls as she tells him what she doesn't like and why she is unhappy. Right after she tells him, she kicks him in the cock and balls. She loves watching him fall over and groan in pain.

When it's time to give reviews in Jackie's office, she is very happy. She calls her secretary into her office and tells him that if he doesn't please her feet, he is not getting a raise. She puts her feet on the desk and makes him lick the soles of her shoes before she took them off. He licked the soles of her feet through her nylons and brought her pleasure.

When Domina Victoria wants to play, she calls her slave to her. She makes her slave get on all fours and grabs her favorite dildo. She lubes it up and gets his ass ready. She puts it in his ass and slowly starts to fuck him with her dick. She loves getting him ready to cum and stop. She withholds his orgasm for hours at a time, making his dick leak and hurt.

When Mistress Lea decides to go outside, she takes her slave with her. When she gets bored, she is happy to put a noose around his neck and stretch his neck. She starts to kick him while is head is in the noose. When she gets bored with that, she is happy to shove her shoe in his mouth and make him smell her feet. When she settles down, she leaves her feet in his face.

When Lady Milena comes home, she knows what she has to do. She spends the entire day talking, sampling food and drinks. She has to spit. So she spits in her slave's mouth. She loves knowing that he will taste what she has done all day. She loves filling his mouth with her spit and watching him swallow. When she is done, she continues with her day. He loves her spit.

When Shay and Kelsy get done eating, they start talking. They talk about what turns them on and what they like. When Shay starts to fart, Kelsy asks to put her face in her ass to smell them. She tells Shay that stinky farts turn her on. Shay stands and lets all the farts she has out. She enjoys having her friend's face in her ass and knowing that it makes her pussy wet.

When Miss Nikki is feeling down, she knows what she can do to feel better. She goes to the park with her slave and parks. She doesn't say a word but her slave goes to her and starts to kiss and lick the soles of her feet. She loves it when her slave does things like that for her. She knows that he hates it but she enjoys watching him wrinkle his nose and service her feet anyway.

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