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When she gets home from the club, she has to have her slave Edward come to her. When Edward is on his knees, she makes him clean her boots because she hates to feel her heels stick when she walks. He starts to lave and lick her soles, wetting them completely. She wants him to lick the sides too. He licks and sucks her soles and heels until they are shiny with spit.

When she is ready to sit down, she knows that she wants to sit somewhere warm. She is happy to put her slave's head in a vice so that he can't move his head. When he is perfectly centered, she pulls her pants down and sits her naked ass on his face. She doesn't care that her ass is cutting off his air. She only wants to put her ass on something warm.

When Sweetbaby and Elaysa take their slave outside to chop wood, he admits that he doesn't know how. After they finished chopping wood, they punish him. As soon as they are done, they make him knee and start to kick him in the balls. They slap him until they order him to lay on the ground. As soon as he does, they start to walk all over him. They trample him and then sit down. When they sit, he has to kiss their shoes and apologize.

When Liberty decides to show her slave who is boss, she has to put on her uniform. Once she is dressed, she is happy to let him kiss her boots and make love to them with his tongue. After he finished begging, she allowed him to take her boots off and kiss and lick her toes. She enjoys the way he sucks and licks her toes. She knows that he is turned on but she won't give him permission to cum.

When this devious mistress finds her slave naked without permission, she takes him into the punishment room. She has on her new spiked heels so she decides to put them to use. She makes her fat slave hold his legs up and she spanks his ass. She then starts to step on him with her heels. After walking all over him, she is happy to nudge his cock and balls with her heels.

When Judy comes home, she expects her slave to respect her wishes. After repeatedly asking her slave not to breathe too loudly, she teaches him that she has the power to take his breath too. She lays him on the ottoman with his hands bound with rope. She sits on his chest and covers his mouth. She doesn't want him to breathe at all until she says that he can.

When they decide to play, they find their slave's cock and balls are the best toys they can play with. They strip him down to his tee shirt and socks and start kicking him in the cock and balls. They love how he squeals and how his dick bounces when they kick. When they get done kicking him, they start to step on his cock and balls. They don't take their shoes off, they want it to hurt.

When Kourtney gets a new pair of stilettos, she has to try them on. She loves the way they look in the box and when she puts them on with her leather jumpsuit, she looks delicious. She tells her slave to lay down and she steps on him. She knows that he will hurt because the heels are pointy but she loves stepping on him. She moves and pushes her full weight down on him.

When Lady Milena comes home from a night of dancing, she expects her slave to be waiting for her. She collapses on the sofa and calls her slave to her. She tells him to lick the soles of her boots clean. She doesn't like the idea of putting dirty boots in her closet. She watches as her slave licks and sucks the grime and dirt off her boots as she told him to.

When she goes to the bathroom, she knows she will have to fart. She is happy to call her slave into the bathroom and start to fart. She expects her slave to stand with their face in her ass, smelling as she farts. She wants them to leave the bathroom with a fresh batch of her odor deep in their body. When she knows that she has to shit, she makes them stay in the bathroom to smell her funk too.

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