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Sexy brunette Cruel Megan makes this loser think he is going to date her, but all she has in store for him is pain and humiliation when he enters her apartment. She has some tall high heel boots on and you can tell by her face that she is ready to inflict pain. She dominates this slave with several kicks and ballbusting until he lies in the floor in intense pain.

Charlie wanted to punish this slave so brutally he quits. She trampled on his bare body with her high heel boots and inflicted lots of pain on him

This cruel domina wants this masked slave to suffer. She already humiliates him by making him wear a mask, but that is just the beginning of her torture. She makes him stand in the floor with his legs spread. She stands back and gives him a nice hard kick to the balls. This ballbusting is brutal as this domina completely crushes his nuts with her merciless foot and laughs at his pain.

This group of mistresses know they shouldn't punish their neighbor but they don't have a choice. They found him in their home and they refused to allow it to continue. They took him outside and tied him to a couple of trees. They took their time in kicking and hurting his bare cock and balls. They laugh at his pale body and ridicule him for what he is and love it.

Lady B is tired of her whining slave. She pulls the car over and puts him out of the car. Before she starts to punish him, she tells him to grow a pair of balls or she would kick the ones that has shrunken into his throat. She started to kick him in the balls and teach him what she mean. She put her high heel in his ass and destroyed his pride.

When Mistress Lea decides to go outside, she takes her slave with her. When she gets bored, she is happy to put a noose around his neck and stretch his neck. She starts to kick him while is head is in the noose. When she gets bored with that, she is happy to shove her shoe in his mouth and make him smell her feet. When she settles down, she leaves her feet in his face.

This blonde girl is really amazing! She looks nice and beautiful but instead of having some fun with her the slave has to take a lot of pain! She spits into his face and tells him that he is such a loser. While doing so her friend sits on the, watches the action and both girls have a lot of fun! But Caitlynn isn't ready yet - she still wants to break some balls...!

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