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These mistresses were let down by this guy who had promised to make their party lit. But it was not and they had to find an alternative yet they had already paid him. The angry mistresses had to teach him a lesson and they did so using their trampling. So they cruelly trampled him at the same time until he shit his pants. That was when they felt that he had learned enough.

This naked pervert thought he was going to please mistress Suzanna but it turned out that he had pissed her off and she was not going to let him try that again with her or with anybody else for that matter. So she used her boots to trample and stomp all over his naked body and made him cry like never before. He could not believe all that she had made him feel but he promised to change.

This mistress had asked this loser to help her with cleaning her house. She wanted it repainted and remodeled. But when she came back, he had not done anything. She was pissed at him and she had to show him what she did to people like him. So the mistress made him take off his shirt and she used her dirty sneakers to trample him. He was even forced to lick them.

Lady Domi makes money doing what other mistresses do not want to do and that is to punish their slaves cruelly. Whenever a mistress wants her slave to be given a good and proper punishment, she hired her to do the dirty work for her. Today, she was punishing a slave and she tortured him with her high heels before making him lick her ass and inhale her stinky farts.

When Luciana tells her slave to do something, she means for it to be done. She doesn't like having to punish her slaves but she will. When one slave refuses to do as she has asked, she gets her pipe out an the mouth gag. She puts her slave at her feet and uses him as her personal spittoon. She spits into the pipe and he is forced to swallow. She also blows her smoke into the pipe and dumps her ashes.

When Mistress Jade takes her slave out, she expects him to behave. When she catches him eyeing another woman's ass, she was happy to punish him in public. She orders him to her side on his knees and she starts to spit on the floor. When she makes a puddle, she orders her slave to lick it up. She doesn't care that everyone is watching. She will not be disobeyed by her slave.

Mistress BlaskDiamoond didn't want to humiliate her slave the normal was so she decided to make him eat some shit egg this time and time him. If he did not do it in the estimated time, he would be punished

When Lady Milena comes home, she knows what she has to do. She spends the entire day talking, sampling food and drinks. She has to spit. So she spits in her slave's mouth. She loves knowing that he will taste what she has done all day. She loves filling his mouth with her spit and watching him swallow. When she is done, she continues with her day. He loves her spit.

When her slave does something really nice, she has to reward him with flavored spit. She chews some candy or sweet gum and sucks the flavor out of it. When she is ready, she is happy to spit some of the flavor out and put it on the floor so her slave can lick it up. She plays with the spit with her shoe so that he can see how thick it is.

This blonde girl is really amazing! She looks nice and beautiful but instead of having some fun with her the slave has to take a lot of pain! She spits into his face and tells him that he is such a loser. While doing so her friend sits on the, watches the action and both girls have a lot of fun! But Caitlynn isn't ready yet - she still wants to break some balls...!

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