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When Miss Nikki is feeling down, she knows what she can do to feel better. She goes to the park with her slave and parks. She doesn't say a word but her slave goes to her and starts to kiss and lick the soles of her feet. She loves it when her slave does things like that for her. She knows that he hates it but she enjoys watching him wrinkle his nose and service her feet anyway.

When Miss Deeane decides to tease her slave, she dresses in a lacy camisole and thong. She stands against a wall and teases her slave with glimpses of her creamy ass. She enjoys doing things to turn him on and then lock him in his cage. She knows that he wants to touch her but he can't. She loves looking good and fuckable to him and deny his ability to touch her.

When Emily, Gia, Kourtney and Nancy get together, they make sure their slave understand what it means to get help. They have devised a way to help him remember what it means to be a good slave. They take turns slapping the nasty attitude from him twice a week. They hit him as hard as they can, turning his face and neck red. They enjoy watching him flinch when they raise their hands.

When Miss Liliane was told she needed more exercise, she gave her slave a new job. She told him that whenever she was at the sink washing dishes, she would have to do it with him under her feet. She started liking the way he felt under her feet. She enjoyed stomping on him, crushing his cock and balls under her feet. She loves knowing that he is going to help her get into better shape under her feet.

When Lady Missy is unhappy with her slave, she has to tell him without words how angry she is. She would rather slap him than anything. She loves staring into his soulful eyes and slapping him. With every slap, she hits him harder and harder. She knows that it may not make a difference but she is willing to try and get through to him. She will slap him until her hand is sore.

When Saskia stays home this weekend, she finds that her slave makes a very comfortable chair. She sits on his cock and puts her feet in his face. She wants him to listen to her and sniff her feet. She moves back a little then puts her feet back in his face. She loves the heat that is sinking into her soles. As she gets comfortable, she starts to talk.

When Mistress BlackDiamoond enjoys treating her slave. She knows that he loves to have his milk warmed so she warms it in her mouth before she gives it to him. She dresses him in leather and puts him at her feet. She allows him to play with his dick as she warms the milk in her mouth. When she is ready, she spits it into his mouth and watches him drink.

When her slave does something really nice, she has to reward him with flavored spit. She chews some candy or sweet gum and sucks the flavor out of it. When she is ready, she is happy to spit some of the flavor out and put it on the floor so her slave can lick it up. She plays with the spit with her shoe so that he can see how thick it is.

When Mistress Fox gets up in the morning, she has to play with her slave. She doesn't want him to feel neglected. She puts him on his back and she is happy to step on him. She knows he can see under her nightie. She doesn't care. She starts to stand on his shoulder and towards his neck. She loves being able to stand on him and start to choke him. It brings her great pleasure.

When she catches her slave masturbating, she has to punish him. She has put him on the floor and pulled up a chair. She put her high heel boot on his cock and has started pressing. She loves to hear him pant and beg for his still hard cock to be released. She has to teach her naughty slave that all of his erections belong to her and he can't cheat her out of them.

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