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Mistress Rosie was not happy with the kind of information her slave was telling others about her. She was not happy that she was taking information from her house and giving her neighbors. She is a private person and wished for it to remain the same so she punished her slave for her loud mouth. she forced her to lick her sweaty feet and trampled her till she learned her lesson.

When this slave messed up, he did not think that the mistresses would find out. But Lady Missy and Lady Grace found out and were pissed off that he chose to hide and not to tell them. They decided to punish him even though it was a small thing that they would have otherwise forgiven him. They spat on the ground and forced him to lick it. They also spat directly into his mouth and he had to swallow.

Madame Madison loves to have fun at the expense of her slave. She invited her friend and showed her how to humiliate a slave. Any excuse to humiliate a slave works for her. So they made some marmalade and she spat on it and she made her slave lick it. She told him she was trying a new flavor and she wanted him to be the one to test them for her.

When Luciana tells her slave to do something, she means for it to be done. She doesn't like having to punish her slaves but she will. When one slave refuses to do as she has asked, she gets her pipe out an the mouth gag. She puts her slave at her feet and uses him as her personal spittoon. She spits into the pipe and he is forced to swallow. She also blows her smoke into the pipe and dumps her ashes.

When Lady Milena comes home, she knows what she has to do. She spends the entire day talking, sampling food and drinks. She has to spit. So she spits in her slave's mouth. She loves knowing that he will taste what she has done all day. She loves filling his mouth with her spit and watching him swallow. When she is done, she continues with her day. He loves her spit.

When Mistress BlackDiamoond enjoys treating her slave. She knows that he loves to have his milk warmed so she warms it in her mouth before she gives it to him. She dresses him in leather and puts him at her feet. She allows him to play with his dick as she warms the milk in her mouth. When she is ready, she spits it into his mouth and watches him drink.

When her slave does something really nice, she has to reward him with flavored spit. She chews some candy or sweet gum and sucks the flavor out of it. When she is ready, she is happy to spit some of the flavor out and put it on the floor so her slave can lick it up. She plays with the spit with her shoe so that he can see how thick it is.

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