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When Mistress BlackDiamoond enjoys treating her slave. She knows that he loves to have his milk warmed so she warms it in her mouth before she gives it to him. She dresses him in leather and puts him at her feet. She allows him to play with his dick as she warms the milk in her mouth. When she is ready, she spits it into his mouth and watches him drink.

I saw that you are a naughty boy from the first day I met you! You are soo keen on me! But you know that it is a bad taboo! So why do you still watch me with this expression in your face...? You pervert! But ok, you know that I'm the best stepsis out there... and that I already started playing with you! So I want you to take off all your clothes and start to stroke your little dick, ok, bro? Yes, that's ok... so in exchange I'm going to show you my girls! Do you believe me...? Come and find out!

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