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This slave has come willingly to mistress pio's room for a good stomping, and she is more than happy to oblige. She orders him to sit down on the bed and watch while she puts her best stomping sneakers on, but then she does something unexpected by sitting down on his chest and stomach. But soon enough she stands on his face with her sneakers, then takes them off and rubs her feet into him.

Mistress Luciana is ready for some domination with a new slave. She starts out her punishment by slapping and smacking him in the face with her strong and powerful hands. But she doesn't stop there. Then she forces him to bend over as a way to dominate him and then starts smacking him in the ass with her best riding crop. Though he begs for relief she will never let him go.

Giselle was teaching Angelina how to degrade and humiliate a loser. She made her get her feet licked by the slave and then abuse him while she had the same done to herself by another slave

Calina and her friend Teodora wanted to induct this girl into their group. But they first wanted to test whether she was hardcore. So they tortured her by facesitting on her trying to choke her

When Goddess Kim decides to go out, her slave was less than enthusiastic about helping her to dress. She gives his punishment before she leaves. She orders him to the floor with only his shirt and underwear on. She puts on her spiked pink heels and starts to step on his cock. She puts her weight on him and tells him what a disappointment he is as a slave. She grinds her foot into him before ordering him to the cage.

When Calina begs to become a slave, she wasn't expecting this. She wasn't expecting to have 2 mistresses. On her first day, her 2 mistresses decided to practice their full weight trampling on her. They stood on her chest, stomach and head for what seemed like hours. She had to stay still while they stood on her and talked. She was in agony but as a slave, she wasn't allowed to complain.

When Emily, Gia, Kourtney and Nancy get together, they make sure their slave understand what it means to get help. They have devised a way to help him remember what it means to be a good slave. They take turns slapping the nasty attitude from him twice a week. They hit him as hard as they can, turning his face and neck red. They enjoy watching him flinch when they raise their hands.

When Lady Missy is unhappy with her slave, she has to tell him without words how angry she is. She would rather slap him than anything. She loves staring into his soulful eyes and slapping him. With every slap, she hits him harder and harder. She knows that it may not make a difference but she is willing to try and get through to him. She will slap him until her hand is sore.

When this devious mistress finds her slave naked without permission, she takes him into the punishment room. She has on her new spiked heels so she decides to put them to use. She makes her fat slave hold his legs up and she spanks his ass. She then starts to step on him with her heels. After walking all over him, she is happy to nudge his cock and balls with her heels.

This is a really extreme and brutal clip! This old and fat slave has to take a lot of pain! One on the sis seems to be more than enough for the most slaves! But this silly bastard tries to stand them for a long time! They kick his balls with a lot of power! They walk on his head, his fat stomach and also jump on him. Don't try to do it at home...! ;-)

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