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Calina and her friend Teodora wanted to induct this girl into their group. But they first wanted to test whether she was hardcore. So they tortured her by facesitting on her trying to choke her

Mistress BlaskDiamoond didn't want to humiliate her slave the normal was so she decided to make him eat some shit egg this time and time him. If he did not do it in the estimated time, he would be punished

When Miss Deeane decides to punish her slave, she shackles him to the ceiling. She doesn't want him to move. She is happy to allow him to watch her and beg. Once she has him shackled, she strips off her pants and shows him her thong split ass. She knows that he wants to bury his face in her ass but she won't let him. She keeps him tied and horny for hours before she thinks about releasing him.

When they decide to play, they find their slave's cock and balls are the best toys they can play with. They strip him down to his tee shirt and socks and start kicking him in the cock and balls. They love how he squeals and how his dick bounces when they kick. When they get done kicking him, they start to step on his cock and balls. They don't take their shoes off, they want it to hurt.

When Kourtney gets a new pair of stilettos, she has to try them on. She loves the way they look in the box and when she puts them on with her leather jumpsuit, she looks delicious. She tells her slave to lay down and she steps on him. She knows that he will hurt because the heels are pointy but she loves stepping on him. She moves and pushes her full weight down on him.

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